Within the strategy of diversification of the local economy, Tenerife has been boosted as a technological and business centre. The island has a developed and attractive market, which can be used as a test bed for new technologies and services, as its environment allows research, development and deployment of solutions and services globally.


Tenerife has managed to equip itself with excellent communications infrastructures and modern data connectivity. One of the most powerful and efficient computers in the world stands out among its unique resources, Teide HPC (High Performance Computer), with possibility of use in commercial activities, fluid animation or blockchain, under an infrastructure as a service model.

Science Parks

The Canary Islands have their own network of Science and Technology Parks, among which INtech in Tenerife stands out, offering a high quality environment, with 600,000m2 of space available for innovative and technology-based companies.

+ Technological infrastructure

The island has state-of-the-art scientific facilities and cutting-edge research centres in areas such as biomedicine, astrophysics, renewable energies, volcanology, environmental management, and the marine sector.