Tenerife Licita was born from the joint initiative of the Island Council of Tenerife and the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz de Tenerife with the aim of promoting the process of internationalization of public and private companies on the island through their participation in public tenders.

Tenerife Licita's team of professionals offers personalised assistance in all stages of the process, accelerating and strengthening the activity in the public bidding market of each of its members. Tenerife Licita’s services range from the search for personalised business opportunities to assistance in the drafting of expressions of interest. The inter-company collaboration is a central element in the bidding activity; thus, Tenerife Licita is formed as a collaboration space where its members share contacts, experiences and collaboration opportunities, generating synergies that lead them to set up joint projects.

In addition, Tenerife Licita strengthens relations of trust with the main public and private actors in the market, such as financial institutions, multilateral or international organisations, seeking the optimum positioning of the companies that make up the market.