Why Tenerife offers potential foreign investors advice on opportunities, tax and competitive advantages, and the necessary information about Tenerife, the Canary Islands, as a destination for their business.

Free and personalised advice

Why Tenerife offers a personalised, confidential and free advice services to investors, companies or entrepreneurs interested in settling up their businesses and improving their competitiveness from Tenerife.
We adapt our services to each investor’s need, depending on their stage, whether they are considering settling in Tenerife for the first time or already have a presence on the island.

Pre-investment services

Information services

Personalized support for the preparation of tailor-made reports based on the needs of each investor, entrepreneur or company, including information on taxes, administrative procedures and procedures, labor regulations, work and residence permits, business establishment, costs, locations in Tenerife or specific investment opportunities.

Incentives and financing

Information on aid and incentives available for each investment project, in collaboration with the other entities with powers in Tenerife, the Canary Islands and Spain. Access to specific help lines for companies with foreign capital.

Preparation of the investment

Assistance in identifying legal requirements and applying for licenses and permits.

Organization and coordination of agendas, meetings and prospecting guided tours. Institutional visits.


Consulting and project management

Personalised advice during the implementation process in Tenerife.


Providing contacts and accompaniment during negotiations and dialogue with local, regional and national authorities.

Identification of partners

Identification of local strategic and technological partners for each investment project. Contact with institutions, universities and research centres, companies and capital funds for the development of partnerships or alliances.


Support in the definitive search for an ideal location in Tenerife.

Required permits

Assistance in obtaining residence and work permits.

Supporting services

Support services for displaced employees or softlanding.

Post-investment services

Growth and expansion

High-level networking with institutions and companies, support in the identification of local contacts, search for providers, location services, incentives, connection with clusters and research centres, etc.


Communication with the government of the Cabildo on behalf of companies already operating in Tenerife to improve the business environment on the island.

Why Tenerife is a network of public and private institutions that collaborate to create a benchmark and support for foreign companies and entrepreneurs interested in growing their businesses and improving their competitiveness.

It collects useful information on the requirements necessary to start operating in Tenerife, on those sectors that represent a business opportunity, and on the possibility of Tenerife as a centre of operations and hub to access the West African and European markets.


As a platform to help investors and promote business destinations, Why Tenerife is made up of a network of public and private institutions that includes the Port Authority of Tenerife, the Island Council of Tenerife, the Chamber of Commerce of Tenerife, the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) and the Tenerife Free Zone (ZFT).

Island Council of Tenerife

Governing body of the island of Tenerife holding the powers laid by the Statute of Autonomy of the Canary Islands as well as a series of powers delegated from other bodies of territorial administration.

Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Institution that represents, promotes and defends the general interests of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation. It provides assistance, training and support services for the consolidation and competitiveness of companies.

Port Authority of Tenerife

It forms part of the Spanish port state system and manages the ports of the province. It is responsible for the realisation, authorisation and control of maritime and land operations related to port traffic and port services, and the promotion of industrial and commercial activities related to maritime or port traffic.

Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC)

Low-tax zone created within the framework of the Canary Islands Economic and Fiscal System (REF) with the aim of promoting the economic and social development of the Archipelago and diversifying its productive structure. All entities and branches that wish to carry out an industrial, commercial or service activity included in the list of permitted activities may set up in the ZEC and take advantage of its reduced tax rate of 4%.

Tenerife Free Trade Zone (ZFT)

Area reserved for storage, handling or transformation of goods, regardless of origin, destination, quantity or nature. It offers advantages in terms of administrative processing, tariffs and taxes, fully compatible with other incentives such as those of the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC).


Discover the people who make Why Tenerife come true.

Carmelo Ortiz

Turismo de Tenerife
Administration and Finance Director

Andreas Fischer

Turismo de Tenerife
Economic Promotion

Eva López

Turismo de Tenerife
Economic Promotion

Olga Martín

Canarias ZEC
Agency Director

Eva Sainero

Canarias ZEC

Pedro Machado

Cámara de comercio de Tenerife
Department of Foreign Trade Director

Margarita Pena Machín

Zona Franca de Tenerife
Free Trade Zone of Tenerife Delegate

Elisa Zamora

Puertos de Tenerife
Commercial department

Other resources

Why Tenerife maintains a close relationship with other entities that offer complementary services that may be of interest to investors, companies and entrepreneurs.

Tenerife Film Commission

Tenerife Tourist Department created to promote audiovisual productions on the island, targeting both foreign and mainland production companies, and production companies from Tenerife. It offers, among other services, free advice, aid with the localisation work, contacts with local production companies and production services companies, advice on obtaining permits, acting as a link with the local, island and regional Administration.


The Association for the Economic Development of the Canary Islands (SODECAN) is a public company of the Canary Islands Government that is actively involved in the financing of viable and innovative business projects. Its financing lines are designed for business projects that may have difficulties in obtaining private financing.