Deductions of up to 50-45%

Tenerife is a very competitive market within the European framework to carry out creative and cultural productions, such as films, series, documentaries and advertisements, thanks to Local industry, with a high level of specialised training, quality services, and tax incentives (REF). In the Canary Islands, the deduction incentive for investment in Spanish and international productions stands at 50-45%.

Highly developed industry

The Canary Islands are one of the regions of Spain with the highest number of hours of sunshine per year. Its diversity of natural sceneries and exceptional climate consolidate Tenerife as one of the best places in Europe to host audiovisual productions. It also has a solid audiovisual sector with qualified teams and professionals, with experience to meet any need.

Laboratory for new audiovisual trends

Tenerife is also a powerful setting and testing laboratory for new trends in the audiovisual and interactive entertainment industry, such as virtual and augmented reality, electronic sports, online and multiplayer games.

Large productions and auxiliary industry

Audiovisual projects: Real image and animation

Advertising production

Video game development and creative companies

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