The best commercial bridge with Africa

Due to its strategic location, its legal and financial security and because it has the best taxation in Europe, many foreign companies with investments in Africa have set up their logistics or operational offices in the Canary Islands, turning the islands into their business hub with West Africa. The Canary Islands European Business Hub in Africa brand enjoys great international recognition.

Logistic Hub in the Mid-Atlantic

The Canary Islands is a logistical and business hub in the Middle Atlantic because of its strategic position close to Europe, Africa and on the sea route to South America, and its membership of the European Union and its links with the countries of the region.

Offshore Industry Support Centre

Tenerife, with modern infrastructures and highly specialised professionals, meets the necessary conditions as a logistic hub for companies exporting raw materials, as a base of operations and expatriates or assistance centre for the offshore industry, allowing to have a base in Europe, less than a two-hour flight from destinations of interest.


Logistic and business hub in the Mid-Atlantic

Base of operations and expatriates

Assistance for the offshore industry

Reference Centre for Economic and Social Relations between Europe and West Africa

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