Tenerife has developed good connectivity through excellent transport and communications infrastructures, thanks to the boost provided by its leading position as a tourist destination.

The fastest data connectivity

Tenerife has managed to equip itself with excellent communications infrastructures and modern, differential data connectivity, with the availability of unique resources such as: one of the most powerful and efficient supercomputers in Spain, Teide HPC (High Performance Computer) supercomputer, a fundamental piece of the ALiX project, a TIER III+ category data centre, high-capacity submarine cables connecting the island with Europe and West Africa and the first neutral submarine cable station in the world, the connection point for the six submarine cables connecting Tenerife with Europe and Africa, and which will connect with Latin America.

+ 6 millon passengers

The island receives more than six million passengers a year, both on cruise ships and in transport, ranking third in Spain, eleventh in Europe and twenty-fourth worldwide. The port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the meeting point for multiple shipping lines, also has the new Port of Granadilla in the south of the island, as a complementary facility, which has already become one of the most important in this area of the North Atlantic for bunkering operations. On the other hand, the Dueport system will soon be implemented, a National Single Window that operates and manages State Ports.

Among the best ports in Europe

Tenerife also has excellent maritime connectivity(Ports of Tenerife) It is the second European power in container port movement and the eleventh in the world. It is a place of passage and obligatory visit between Europe, America and Africa, and a strategic position for the supply and repair of ships in the Mid-Atlantic.

Two international airports

Nearly 16 million passengers passed through the island’s airports in 2017, which connect 157 destinations in Europe, Africa and the Americas. Furthermore, they performed more than 130,000 flight operations and air freight traffic reached 15,841 tons.

Tenerife South Airport (Reina Sofía)

Located near the main tourist areas of the island, is the seventh in Spain by number of passengers. It offers inter-island, national and international flights through more than 150 airlines.

Tenerife North Airport (Los Rodeos)

In the fourteenth position, almost five kilometres from the centre of the capital and one kilometre away from one of the main population centres, La Laguna. It is preferably used for inter-island and national flights.