• The event connects startups from all over the world to financial investors and gathers digital economy unicorns

Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Why Tenerife?, the investment attraction platform developed by the Tenerife City Council, the Tenerife Port Authority, the Chamber of Commerce, the Canary Islands Special Zone and the Tenerife Duty-Free Zone, continues to promote the island in major international events in strategic sectors.

On 30 and 31 October, Why Tenerife? will be part of NOAH London, the leading European networking event for digital entrepreneurs, drawing startups from all over the world and private and corporate financial investors. Turismo de Tenerife, the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) and Proexca (the Economic Development Agency of the Canary Islands) will attend the event, carving a place for themselves in the European entrepreneurial ecosystem and showing the advantages of setting up business in the Canary Islands.

Under the slogan ‘Connecting Entrepreneurs with Capital’, NOAH ’19 London will focus on the digital transformation – the greatest economic development since the industrial revolution. Being the leading event on digital growth in Europe, NOAH London has four main goals: to connect key decision-makers from all over Europe, to help traditional companies get acquainted with new technology and produce knowledge, to match startups and investors for international growth, and to ensure transparency in the emerging world of data and content.

Startups from sectors such as fintech & insurtech, e-commerce, B2B services and software, digital health and mobility will be present in NOAH London alongside unicorns – high-value, fast-growing privately held startup companies managed by digital talents developing innovative projects.

NOAH ’19 London is expected to gather over 100 CEOs of high-tech companies, a selection of more than 80 startups and more than 400 financially strong  investors. Over 300 B2B meetings have been scheduled to connect emerging projects to the money needed to carry them out.

Tenerife Work & Play – the initiative launched by Why Tenerife? to recruit talent for the island – has organised a meetup under the title ‘Working remotely, made easy’, targeted at remote employees, digital nomads and London-based startups. It will be held on 30 October at Skills Matter, a tech community in 10, South Place, London, gathering thousands of software-loving developers and fans of progressive technology, who share their skills and learn from one another.

The meetup will be attended by Elsa Rodríguez, of Tenerife Work & Play; Judy Rees, journalist and author, entrepreneur and marketer specialising in telecommuting; Andoni Serrano, founder and CEO of the startup Dadox; Maya Middlemiss, freelance writer and CEO at BlockSparks; and Carlos Suárez, founder and CEO at DNExp (Digital Nomad Experiences).

NOAH London adds to the many activities organised or supported by Tenerife Work & Play throughout the year to promote local talent, encourage exchanges and connect entrepreneurs and remote workers on the island. Tenerife Work & Play is a joint initiative by the Foreign Policy Department and Turismo de Tenerife to promote the island as an ideal place of residence for remote workers, digital nomads, tech startups and freelancers, offering the mildest climate in Europe, high-speed Internet, proximity to Europe, Africa and the Americas, and attractive tax incentives.

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