Why Tenerife

Free and personalised advise

Why Tenerife offers a personalised, confidential and free advise services to investors, companies or entrepreneurs interested in settling up their businesses and improving their competitiveness from Tenerife.
We adapt our services to each investor’s need, depending on their stage, whether they are considering settling in Tenerife for the first time or already have a presence on the island.

Partners to rely on

Why Tenerife is formed by a network of public and private institutions that includes the Port Authority of Tenerife, el Cabildo de Tenerife, la Chamber of Commerce of Tenerife, la
Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC), la Tenerife Free Zone Consortium (ZFT and ICEX.

Pre-investment services

Information Services

Personalised support for the preparation of tailor-made reports based on the needs of each investor, entrepreneur or company, including information on taxes, administrative procedures and formalities, labour regulations, work and residence permits, establishment of companies, costs, locations in Tenerife or specific investment opportunities.

Incentives and financing

Information on aid and incentives available for each investment project, in collaboration with the other entities with competence in Tenerife, the Canary Islands and Spain. Access to specific aid lines for foreign capital companies.

Preparation of the investment

Assistance in the identification of legal requirements and application for licenses and permits.

Organization and coordination of agendas, meetings and guided tours for prospecting. Institutional visits.


Consultancy and project management

Personalised advice during the implementation process in Tenerife.


Providing contacts and accompaniment during negotiations and dialogue with local, regional and national authorities.

Identification of partners

Identification of local strategic and technological partners for each investment project. Contact with institutions, universities and research centres, companies and capital funds for the development of partnerships or alliances.


Support in the final search for an ideal location in Tenerife.

Required permits

Assistance in obtaining residence and work permits.

Support Services

Support services for displaced employees or softlanding.

Post-Investment Services

Growth and expansion

High-level networking with institutions and companies, support in the identification of local contacts, search for providers, location services, incentives, connection with clusters and research centres, etc.


Communication with the government of the Cabildo on behalf of companies already operating in Tenerife to improve the business environment on the island.

Why Tenerife






More information can be found in the Guide for Doing Business in Tenerife