Why Tenerife

Living in Tenerife

In Tenerife, you breathe happiness. Influenced by a greater contact with nature and very low levels of stress, its inhabitants are known for being pleasant and open-minded.

Tenerife has:

A network of excellent public and private hospitals.

A quality education system, with public and private schools and centres covering all stages of education, including many international stages, such as British, French and German.

It currently has two universities, one public (University of La Laguna) and one private (Universidad Europea Canarias).


The weather is one of the attractions of the Canary Islands. From anywhere on the island, it is possible to access a quality beach in less than half an hour, and its variety and rich landscape make it a unique setting for lovers of nature and outdoor sports.

Tenerife Work&Play

The Tenerife Work&Play platform provides useful information regarding life on the island, permits, housing, taxes, education, leisure or opportunities for all those who want to live and work from Tenerife.

More information can be found in the Guide for Doing Business in Tenerife